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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Curved Sofa Set - Forest Green Suede

Curved Sofa Set in Green Suede with quited pillows and throws.
Items available individually, or in a set for a discount.
Set includes:
1 curved couch with 5 single sits and 1 couple cuddle - mod
1 cuddle armchair - mod
1 side table - mod/copy
1 coffee table - mod/copy
1 rug - mod/copy
Sits are in mod throw pillows to adjust easily to your avatar.
Lamps and candle sticks sold separately.

Wind River Furniture & Home Decor
Dreamwalker (62,200,2002)
InWorldz grid

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rustic Pavillions in 2 styles

Rustic pavillion in two styles -  made of hand hewn log construction or squarecut beams with woven branch details.

Suitable for woods, lakeside, oceanside or anywhere you wish an outdoor lounge, platform or even a covered dock. Copy/Mod. Comes with copyable brass lantern to light your nights.

Wind River Homes
InWorldz grid