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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Antique Round Table & Chairs

You had one, or your mom had one, or your grandma had one... or all of you :) Classic round pedestal wooden table, with four chairs (each with a different sit). Perfect in kitchen, small diningroom, or den for playing cards and games. Copy/Mod

Wind River Furniture & Decor
Dreamwalker (62/200/2002)

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Taos Casita" - small adobe home

"Taos Casita" - small adobe home
298 prims - w/o kitchen      -      432 prims - w/kitchen
Footprint: 24m x 26m
Small classic southwestern adobe home with viga and latilla ceilings, carved wood doors, hardwood floor, kiva fireplace, stained glass windows, big curved picture window with wooden vertical blinds, touch blinds on all windows, outdoor porch/deck with arbor overhead, flower planters. Optional kitchenette with handmade tile.

Doorway - Taos Casita detail

Interior with picture window - Taos Casita detail

Kiva Fireplace - Taos Casita detail
Wind River Homes
Dreamwalker (41/56/22)
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